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Statistics for MDGs: Measuring HIV/AIDS & Malaria and their Socio-Economic Impacts (Self-Study)

Statistics for MDGs: Measuring HIV/AIDS & Malaria and their Socio-Economic Impacts (Self-Study)

The HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to expand across the globe, threatening the fundamental well-being and development of many nations. The epidemic has resulted in more than 20 million deaths in the last twenty years, and almost 40 million people are living with HIV and AIDS worldwide.

In recent years, various health agencies have revised statistical estimates of the scope of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. New sources of data for estimating HIV prevalence have become available and new technologies such as biomarkers that indicate when persons became infected are now used to determine HIV incidence rates.

This course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of the concepts used, the programmes developed as well as selected practical work and case studies undertaken by organisations involved in the measurement of HIV/AIDS and malaria. The course also looks at the effects of HIV/AIDS on socio-economic development.

Learning Targets

  • Knowledge | Through a variety of online learning methods, participants will have a deeper understanding of the impact of HIV/AIDS on individuals, households and social structures.
  • Competences | Participants will be able to evaluate the socio-economic impacts of HIV/AIDS and malaria and to give political advice.
  • Tools | This course equips participants with tools focused on organising statistical information and giving political advice.

Target Group:

Development specialists, experts, consultants, advisors, health practitioners.


Participants in Self-Study Online Courses will not receive a GIZ certificate. This is because this type of course does not contain any tests or assessments to prove that students have understood the course content. Self-Study Online Courses are for private study purposes only!


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