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   Free online course: International Women's Health & Human Rights

Free online course: International Women's Health & Human Rights

A free course on International Women's Health and Human Rights launches online on January 24. Anne Firth Murray, a New Zealander, who teaches at Stanford University, California and is the founding president of the Global Fund for Women, leads the course.

This course provides an overview of women's health and human rights, beginning in infancy and childhood, then moving through adolescence, reproductive years and aging. Economic, social, political and human rights factors are considered, and the challenges women face in maintaining health and managing their lives in the face of societal pressures and obstacles.

This course focuses on critical issues, namely those that may mean life or death to a woman, depending on whether she can exercise her human rights. These critical issues include: being born female and discrimination; poverty; unequal access to education, food, paid work and health care; and various forms of violence. Topics discussed include son preference, education, HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, violence in the home and in war and refugee circumstances, women's work, sex trafficking, and aging.

You are invited to join an international community of learners, practitioners and activists! Depending on your level of interest, watch interviews with noted scholars and NGO leaders and engage in discussions with participants from around the world. You can receive a statement of accomplishment from Stanford University for completing the course.

This online course was recommended by Martina Frank who follows the work of and the Network Medicus Mundi Switzerland closely.

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