Annual Meeting 2014
Jahresversammlungen Annual Meeting 2014

Bern |, the Swiss platform on HIV/AIDS and international cooperation, cordially invites its partners to the annual meeting. It is the first annual meeting for the new coordinator Carine Weiss. I look forward meeting you in person and to discuss with you our activities for 2015!

27 November 2014, Schweizerisches Rotes Kreuz, Bern


09:00  Coffee and Gipfeli

09:15 – 12:00 :

    1. Looking back – moving forward

    2. Minutes of the annual meeting 2013

    3. Annual report  2013/14 and accounts 2013

    4. Theme of the conference in spring 2015: Topics proposed:

  • HIV and NCDs
  • HIV und health systems: Thematic support for health systems strengthening
  • HIV and Ebola: What can we learn from one for the other
  • Research and science for an improved response to HIV
  • HIV and intellectual property rights
  • HIV and specific vulnerable groups (e.g. migrants; sex workers), maybe with focus on Eastern Europe
  • 90-90-90 -> what does this mean for Swiss organizations
  • HIV and advocacy -> how to turn up the heat..
  • Stigma of people living with HIV/Aids (in Zimbabwe still a big issue)
  • Adherence
  • Financing HIVAids programs: In South Africa HIV/Aids is now included in the general health budget of the state. On one side this is a good development on the other side it’s tricky because the budgets are being cut down

Note: certain topics can also be discussed in a Meeting point; be used for “topic of the month” or “feature stories”.


Venue: Schweizerisches Rotes Kreuz, Rainmattstrasse 10, 3001 Bern

Information: Carine Weiss, Coordinator,
061 383 18 12