Annual Meeting 2007
Jahresversammlungen Annual Meeting 2007

23 October 2007 - Invitation to the Annual Meeting 2007 and to this year’s very interesting and attractive programme.


9.00 – 13.00

The forum “The future is grey. Elderly people in the HIVAIDS-crisis: victims and part of the solution”, which organized jointly with Kwa Wazee.  Invited to the forum are programme officers and decision makers of all aid agencies dealing with issues of HIV and AIDS and poverty alleviation as well as interested people. The inputs are in German, with translation into English.

13.00 – 14.00

Standing lunch in the Kornhausforum


14.00 – 16.00

Annual Meeting 2007: We invite primarily partners of to the annual meeting. However, interested persons of organisation active in the field of HIV and/or international cooperation are most welcome.

Before and after the meeting, you will have the chance to visit the recent and highly recommendet photo exhibition „Stille Heldinnen – Afrikas Großmütter im Kampf gegen HIV/Aids»“, Kornhausforum.

Part 1: Formal part

  1. Minutes of the annual meeting 2006 (Attachment)
  2. Annual report  2006/07 (till June 2007)
  3. Accounts 2006
  4. Activities planned for 2008
  5. Theme of the conference in spring 2007: Two topics are proposed: a) AIDS, property rights and life perspectives of women and children, and b) Stigma, life perspectives and social environment (focus on disclosure)
  6. Election/ confirmation of members of the Steering Committee

Part 2: Sharing of experiences and information: Declarations of Commitment formulated at the Conference 2007 the “Declaration of Commitment: Young People have the Right to Knowledge and Services” and 2007 the “Declaration of Commitment: Towards a future generation without HIV and AIDS”. How did you share these declarations within your organisation and how did you integrate them into your work, with which experiences? Annual Meeting 2007.pdf — (51 kB)