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Share-Net is the network of Dutch development organisations and individual consultants working in the field of sexual & reproductive health and rights, and HIV. Share-Net aims to maintain and strengthen the capacity of its members through information sharing, capacity building and policy dialogue.

Mission statement
The Netherlands Network on Sexual & Reproductive Health and AIDS, Share-Net, seeks to contribute to improving the international sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) as well as the HIV/AIDS situation in developing countries and countries in transition, through information exchange, capacity development, policy dialogue and advocacy, guided by principles of human rights, equity and equality and empowerment.


Share-Net was founded by its members early 2001. Soon the need was felt to expand the Group’s scope and constituency to include sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) issues and extend membership to include related organisations.

The members realised that problem analysis regarding Sexual Reproductive Health and Aids and HIV/AIDS issues, point to various common root causes (such as gender relations and the way sexuality is addressed, the lack of access to information and services, stigma and discrimination, poverty) as well as shared solutions (such as promoting the empowerment of women and young people, extension of improved health services, educational facilities and advocacy). The members were also aware of the fact that the Dutch Government plays an important role in the international field of HIV/AIDS and SRHR, through financial, programmatic as well as technical support. Increased synergy of implementing partners could lead to a more effective use of available expertise. Share-Net thus decided to provide the platform through which organisations and individual experts involved in this field are enabled to strengthen their individual and joint capacities.


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